Roger Daltrey

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Roger Daltrey
  • Age: 71
  • Birthday: 1 March 1944
  • Birthplace: Hammersmith, London, England, UK
  • Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: British
  • Occupation: Singer

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Roger Daltrey is married to Heather Daltrey.
Heather Daltrey
  • Date Married: 19 July 1971
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Jenny Kee (Designer)
Jenny Kee (Designer) and Roger Daltrey unknown date
Of her rock'n'roll conquests, Kee lists Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Roger Daltrey. "If you're going to be a groupie, well, I went to the top," she says. [more]
Regina Russell
Regina Russell and Roger Daltrey unknown date RUMOR
Ann-Margret and Roger Daltrey unknown date
Jackie Rickman
Roger Daltrey and Jackie Rickman March 1964 - January 1968
Met at St Mary`s Hall. Married at Wandsworth Registry Office, 28 March 1964, aged sixteen. The marriage was witnessed by Roger`s friend John Reader of the Merchant Navy who was a part-time roadie for The Who, and the reception was held at her parents house in Putney with Johnny Kidd and The Pirates ... [more]
Elisabeth Aronsson
Roger Daltrey and Elisabeth Aronsson 1966
In 1967, Daltrey's son Mathias was born, the result of an affair with Swedish model Elisabeth Aronsson. [more]
Linda McCartney
Roger Daltrey and Linda McCartney 1967
Stash took Linda to stay with the musician Graham Nash. And soon their affair was common knowledge in London’s rock community. ‘I was teased extensively by Roger Daltrey and [Jimi] Hendrix and so on, because, you know, Linda had gone around,’ says Stash, ungallantly. ‘But . ... [more]
Heather Daltrey
Roger Daltrey and Heather Daltrey March 1967
Met during a tour of America around 1968, moved in together, and married three years later. Roger took her to Woodstock with him in 1969. Roger Daltrey: - I didn't have any intention of ever getting married again - The Who was touring the world and we had hit singles both here and in the US - but ... [more]
Geraldine Edwards
Geraldine Edwards and Roger Daltrey 1977 - 1979
Roger Daltrey met Geraldine Edwards backstage at San Diego Stadium in 1977. Roger Daltrey was still married to his wife Heather even though he was dating quietly at the time. Roger and Geraldine decided to go their separate ways but did remain friends. [more]

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